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Medbit is a digital health platform that enables users search, find and book a variety of helthcare specialists and practices on realtime.

Medbit does not have ownership of any practices or practitioners. We provide the means that make it easier to access these services.

We use world-class data security and encryption techniques to protect the data you share with us. Medbit never shares your information with third parties, under any circumstances whatsoever. We do not sell your data or credit profile.

Users only incur a service fee of 50KSH to act as a facilitation and confirmation of booking request. Medbit does not process payment for the services between a patient and the doctor.

Medbit platforms are GPS dependant and therefore require internet connectivity to enable access of the practice locations of practitioners

The Medbit database provides access to all varieties of medical specialists who have been enrolled on the platform.

Before they are enrolled on the platform, all Health practitioners are required to provide Medbit with the documentation and licenses as stipulated by the government to allow them conduct their practice.

Mebit tries it best to ensure there is a large pool of specialists to choose from in all locations. We currently have 100+ professionals on our platform and the number is growing by the day

Medbit does not currently have any doctors on the platform to cater to emergency cases. We can however help in providing fast connection to the nearest doctor when a patient sends a request.

Medbit only caters for the reserving of an appointment. Fees paid directly to the healthcare provider (such as consultation fees paid on cash, via card or insurance) are handled by the provider and the patient themselves without the involvement of Medbit. We can only advise on the accepted modes of payment as advanced by the healthcare provider.