The power of healthcare access

Our mission is to deliver world-class healthcare services to the mobile generation.

Data science with a  social conscience
Applying machine learning, Medbit has created an algorithmic approach to determine the best healthcare professional for you to see straight from your smartphone. While this tech-forward approach requires transparency and trust, it also enables a fair, secure and convenient path for customers to interact with professionals and save for the future.
Mobile on the rise

In emerging markets across the globe, the middle class is booming and so is their need for fair, reliable healthcare services and capital. With smartphone growth at an all-time high, Medbit has a unique opportunity to build customer-first health-tech products for people worldwide.

Scale by numbers

100+ doctors 

on our platform

20,000 users

actively engaged

50+ bookings

a week


Jesse Kimotho

Co-founder, Design

Denis Mugambi

Co-Founder, HR

Donald Nyandika

Co-founder, Dev

Joy Allana

Events Head

Mary Christine


Faith Karega


Richard Okenye

Operations Head, Kenya

Nkatha Muthoni

Outreach Head

Lee Mwangi

Media Head

Dennis Ngewa


Alvin Gachine


James Hungo


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